SURVEY(Damage、Ship、Dry bulk Cargo)

Damage Survey

・Damage survey (On damage sustained by all items)

・Damage survey (On hull, machinery and other equipment at time of accident)

・Damage survey (On the damage to the cargo carried by coaster or truck including damage by theft or other accidents)

・Damage survey (On the damage covered by common carrier’s liability insurance)

・Damage survey (On the damage covered by other non-marine insurances including Movables Comprehensive Insurance, Yacht and Motorboat Comprehensive Insurance, Product Liability Insurance and those covering natural disasters such as flood, typhoon and earthquake)

Dry bulk Cargo Survey

・Draft survey at both ends (determination of quantity for iron ore, grain, fertilizer and other bulk cargo)

・Sampling test (quality check on shipment, in transit and on delivery for coal, grain, fertilizer, etc.)

・Chemical analysis (quality check on delivery or in case of damage found)

・Inventory check (confirmation of stock quantity for salt, coal, fertilizer, etc.)

On-Off Hire Survey

On hire /off hire survey (confirming ship’s condition on delivery / redelivery)

Survey of Import and Export Cargo

・Condition survey (on shipment, in transit and on delivery for steel products, machinery, vehicles, foodstuff, grain, fertilizer, etc.)

・Supervising (for safe loading, carriage and delivery of plant components etc.)

・Product inspection or Pre-shipment Inspection (required under sales contract or L/C)

・Stowage survey (confirmation of safe stowage for plant components, heavy /lengthy cargo, machinery)

AGM Inspection

On Board Inspection of Asian Gypsy Moth(PDF)