Privacy Policy

Shin Nihon Kentei Kyokai, based on the Law for Protection of Personal Information, has established its Privacy Policy for services of the site (http:// hereinafter called “the web-site”), which determines how the customer’s personal information is collected, used and controlled.

Personal information at the web-site

“Personal information” referred to by this Privacy Policy covers name, company name, address, telephone number, mail address, etc. from which the customer is identifiable. Within the scope required for provision of our services to the customer, we may request him to supply his personal information at the web-site. The collection of such personal information at the web-site will be made with a clear statement of its purpose after obtaining the customer’s agreement.

Use and supply of personal information

The personal information supplied by the customer will be used within the scope agreed by him and will not be disclosed or presented to any third-party, unless in the case where we are ordered by the law to do so, we may disclose the minimum necessary.

Disclosure, revision or deletion of personal information

You are requested to contact our Management Div. if you require disclosure, revision or deletion of your personal information.


For your supply of personal information to the web-site, we will use the coded communication system of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The route from the customer’s browse to the web-server is protected by SSL and the collected information is strictly controlled according to our established standards.

Use of cookie

“Cookie” is a file (or sign) sent by the web-server to the customer for control of records. However, no personal information from which the customer is identifiable will remain in the cookie after the use. The customer can choose its variety of use. Almost all browses of computers are set to accept the use of cookies. Subject to setting of browse, the customer can announce his expected visit to the web-page or refuse to accept cookies.


The web-site keeps records of the information in the form of an access-log, which covers the domain address, IP address, kind of browse used and date of access, but does not contain any information from which the customer is identifiable. Such information will be used for statistical treatment and analyses.


The Policy will apply only to this web-site, which has linkage to several other sites but does not share the use of information. For collection of personal information at the linked web-sites, please refer to their respective policies.

Exemption clause

We have the option to revise the Policy according to the changes of laws and regulations, in which event we will announce the latest Policy at the web-site.

Inquiries for treatment of personal information

If you have any inquiry about the above or have any opinion or questions on the treatment of personal information at the web-site, please do not hesitate to contact us.