Scope of Activities

Scope of Activities

With tracking records in public services for environmental protection and social enrichment,

  • ・We offer high quality services to meet and exceed your expectation for problem-solving and customer satisfaction.
  • ・We, as a group of farsighted technocrats, will serve our clients with creative ideas and dependable performance

Established in 1948 under the Japanese government license, SK as a General Marine Surveyors Association has been operating in Japan and overseas, with 300 expert surveyors in 40+ offices, contributing to the worldwide growth of shipping and trade directly as well as in conjunction with other established survey organizations.
Specifically, we, SK, offer inspection services for heavy weight cargoes, plant machineries, iron & steel products etc, and also survey and analysis to bulk cargo, petroleum/petrochemical/mineral products, LPG/LNG as well as general cargo. In addition, we do perform vessels inspection and calibration for vessel/shore tanks. Certification of weight & measurement of general cargo is also a part of our regular services.

Analysis service is now expanded from the above stated petroleum /petrochemical/mineral products to foods and foodstuff as licensed by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, contributing to the security of consumers as well as business organizations involved.

Furthermore, SK is designated by Japan Coast Guard to be an official inspector of preventive measures against hazard.